LYSERGAMIDE BASKET is now operating an affiliate and loyalty point scheme to offer rewards for return customers. This relates to new orders/referrals only and cannot be applied to previous order history.

Affiliate Scheme

Customers that invite friends to LYSERGAMIDE BASKET will be rewarded with USD30 for every referee that spends USD100 or more (excluding shipping) in a single order. Customers can invite as many friends as they wish by issuing invite codes. These codes can be generated in the account area under ‘Invite Codes’ to the left of ‘My Dashboard’ and should be used when the referee creates a LYSERGAMIDE BASKET account. Simply enter the recipient’s email address and click send. The code will automatically be sent to the referee and will also display on the referrer’s account.

To view how much credit has been applied to the referrers account via the Affiliate Scheme, check the number in brackets next to the text ‘Affiliate System Amount’ under ‘My Dashboard’ in the accounts section. This figure is the USD value that will automatically be discounted on your next order with LYSERGAMIDE BASKET.

Loyalty Point Scheme

For every 1 USD customers spend at LYSERGAMIDE BASKET they will be rewarded with 1 Loyalty Point. Each point has a value of 0.10 USD. These points can be collected and used on subsequent orders to reduce the total cost of the order (excluding shipping fees). Loyalty Points are not transferable to other customers or accounts and cannot be collated between different customers for use in a single order. Under ‘My Dashboard’ in your LYSERGAMIDE BASKET account you will find the number of Loyalty Points you have available and the usage history. is our main partner in USA.